Tuesday, January 22, 2013

King Oscar

We've lost one cool cat.

Oscar, the outdoor cat who we fed and cared for four years at our old house in Černý Vůl, and who we continued to visit and feed even after we left, died this week.

We buried him this morning with the kind help of our former landlord, who was just as attached to Oscar as we were. We truly thank him for all he did for Oscar. We even found out that the people who moved into the house after us had taken Oscar to the vet a couple of times for that recurring cough of his.

Oscar had a lot of people in his life who loved him.

As Daisy said, Oscar was as sweet a soul as you could find, and the only cat she ever met who actively looked out for the other strays in the yard. Oscar was truly one of the greats.

I wrote about Oscar quite a bit on this blog, especially when he was very sick in 2009 with pneumonia. You can read more about him here: The Funny Thing Is, I'm Really A Dog PersonGodspeed, OscarOscar UpdateFarewell, Little FriendPussy GaloreWhat To Do About Oscar?; and The Černý Vůl Cat House.

Rest in peace, Oscar.