Monday, February 2, 2009

Toilet Training

Daisy was in the bathroom (or toilet, as they say around these parts) of the Czech Foreigner's Police in the Smichov area of Prague, renewing her residence permit recently, when she saw the sign above, which was hanging above the sinks.

She used her cell-phone camera to take a picture of it.

It's in Ukrainian, and it says something to the effect of:


This sign raises a couple of interesting questions.

1. What do the Czechs have against Ukrainians exactly? I know there are a lot of Ukrainians in Prague, working on construction sites and in hotels as maids, etc.

But still.

And more importantly:

2. How in the world would a woman -- Ukrainian or otherwise -- possibly use a sink as a toilet, even if she wanted to?

I can understand how a guy could do it, but it seems like that would be quite a dangerous, precarious balancing act for a lady.

And can you imagine walking in unexpectedly on someone using the sink in that fashion?

Would you then wash your hands in the sink after going to the bathroom?!

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  1. Wow - just like living on another planet. I bet Ukrainian toilets have the same signs in Czech!