Thursday, May 2, 2013

Brown Bread & Irish Whiskey Ice Cream

Finally got a chance to make Brown Bread & Irish Whiskey Ice Cream. I'd fallen in love with the idea of that delightful combination after being alerted to the recipe on the food blog Farmette. It took me a few months, but with my birthday as sort of a belated excuse, I finally got around to putting a batch together last night.

This morning, I had ice cream for breakfast.

The carmelized brown sugar covering the bread crumbs is heavenly, and the whiskey is definitely a noticeable presence. My own quibble (other than the incredible number of calories a single serving likely has, what with 450 ml of double cream) is that the consistency was quite melty. It's not churned or stirred in an ice cream maker. The batter is simply frozen overnight. So the texture is quite delicate.

The recipe says to whisk the batter "until it holds its shape," before pouring it into a container. I'm not sure my batter ever really held its shape. I tried hand whisking and using an electric mixer. I will say that my version does look remarkably like the version in the photo that accompanies the blog entry.

Anyway, it's delicious. Try it yourself. Let me know how it turns out.

Before freezing.

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