Saturday, September 19, 2009

Reaping What She Sowed

One of Daisy's goals this year was to plant some flowers and vegetables from seed and, hopefully, see them mature.

A few weeks ago, she and Emma harvested the first ripe fruit from the 10 or so tomato plants she's been carefully nurturing.

While the tomato itself wasn't huge, the occasion itself was pretty significant.

It was the first time Daisy had ever planted something and then eaten what she'd grown.

As you can see, both Daisy and Emma were very excited.


  1. Great job, ladies. And fantastic hair!

  2. Thanks. They'll both appreciate that comment!

  3. Once you've tasted your own tomatoes you'll never want to have those red plastic balls they sell as such at the supermarkets, believe me....

    Growing your own food rules!

  4. They certainly are delicious, but tending a full garden just takes such a commitment of time. It's hard enough keeping a few tomato plants alive and thriving!