Saturday, September 18, 2010

Country Of Cool Fonts

I've always loved typography and design.

Prague is full of old signs in wonderfully weird fonts. Many of them date back to the communist days. Like this sign for a potraviny, or grocery store, in the Prague 6 neighborhood.

You'd think it would have been removed ages ago and replaced with some modern-day signage. Which would have been a shame, really.

I'll try to keep my camera handy and record some other cool fonts I come across in my wanderings. They must be preserved.


  1. Cool!

    In UK there is a group of people/photographers capturing the disappearing "Ghost signs". Something similar would be great for all the old, quirky store fronts of Prague.

    I just went back to Prague for the first time in a year and went through my old neighborhood and could see quite a number of stores having had a "face lift".

  2. Hey, thanks for these links. Great project. As you suggest, I'm really going to try to do my project of storefront lettering and fonts here in Prague and the surrounding area. If anyone cares to submit photos that they've taken themselves of cool old signs or fonts, I'll happily post them here!