Thursday, September 2, 2010

A 'Truly Magical' Cat

Chaz in his new home.

Just a quick update on Sassy/Chaz, the stray/lost Persian cat that we rescued and found a home for a few weeks ago. (You can read more about that adventure here and here.)

I recently received a lovely note and a photograph from Chaz's new owner that I wanted to share:

Hello Grant,

I want to let you know that Chaz is very happy. And is now with R---- whom he was quite surprised to see. I think Chaz thought it was going to just be him and I and was loving all the snuggling.

He loves to look at the top windows that are open and listen and watch the rain. He did this all night on Sunday evening.

I kept the same menu for him and bought him his same cat food and put together a clean litter box.

I am forwarding a photo of R---- the moment he met Chaz. Although the first word R----- said when he saw him was "Snow." R---- now calls him "White King," but I call him Chaz Panda! He really is something, isn't he?

R---- likes to take an antique mirror and show him his reflection....giggle.

Very happy cat, indeed. My daughter Isabel really likes him. She says that he is very pretty and asked, "Where did you get him?" I told her the entire story. She was amazed!

He was well worth waiting for. He is truly magical.

Thank you once again for letting me adopt him.

Lots of good stuff,


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  1. Hi Grant
    Like its said, one thing leads to another otherwise I would never have found you.
    It started with the word "Latvia" in google search and the rest is history.
    I'll make it short (ha ha) so I have more time to check on my newsgroup in Latvia.
    For now your paternoster comment brings back memories and I agree this contraption would not work in the USA because its the "sueiest" nation in the world.
    You are definitively a fascinating person and I'm sure your mother agrees.
    Your cat prologues match mine in every way but enuf said. Love your cat sign which I could have used many years ago. I still watch over any stray that appears and feed them till for one reason or another they go their own way. Or, if willing take them to a shelter. My last rescue is a dumpster kitty named Flash. She stayed and drives my orange tabby crazy.
    I was in a serious car accident last October and still mostly confined to my surroundings otherwise I would not have time to sit here and respond. Spent almost 4 months in rehab and I guess the right leg will never allow me to ride a bike anymore.
    I'm close to your mother's age and understand how frustrating it can be to lose your independence.
    Hope your mother is healing well and is situated so you don't have to worry about her so much.
    For now "uz redziti" (latvian)
    Beautiful day waiting outside.
    Give Riga a visit if you can.
    Jersey Shore USA