Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Mystery Of The Pterodactyl's Nest, Solved

This nest once had a baby in it. What kind of baby? Read on.

The mystery of the pterodactyl's nest has been solved.

Last month, I posted about a giant nest that Daisy and I had found on a cliff top in the village of Únětice.

No one could figure out what kind of a nest it was, or even if it was a nest. There were no feathers around, nor any droppings.

My friend James Gogarty, who lives in the neighboring town of Roztoky, has finally solved the mystery. He writes:

"Czech scientists have recently discovered the existence of the once-thought-extinct central Bohemian condor.. .. No no, sorry.

"According to the mayor of Únětice, Vladimír Vytiska, it is the remnants of a photo shoot by the famous Czech photographer Jan Pohribný. Some time before our ever-exploring Grant stumbled across this puzzle, Pohribný had constructed the nest and shot it along with an appropriately placed infant to create the image of (the Czech/English) shared expression 'leaving the nest.'

"So there we have it. No mysterious pterodactyl. Simply a child leaving home...

"Upon looking at Pohribný's website, he appears to enjoy combing nature shots with surreal imagery, several of which were shot around Únětice."

The world's ornithologists can sleep tonight in peace.

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