Friday, August 7, 2009

Help Us Find Zhenya. There's A 5,000 Kc Reward

We're devastated.

We've just returned from two weeks on vacation to discover that our beloved cat, Zhenya, escaped from the apartment at Radimova 17 in Prague 6, where she was being kept.

She's been gone for two weeks now, with one possible sighting.

She's a beautiful orange cat, very skittish, with gorgeously soft fur.

If you live in the general area of the Břevnov Monastery and the Střešovice neighborhoods of Prague 6, please be on the lookout.

If you find her or think you've seen her, please call me at 728-070-139, or Emma's father and stepmother at 777-855-768 or 608-248-312.

We're prepared to pay a reward of 5,000 Kc.


  1. I truly hope you'll find her, or that she will find you. Whatever happens first.

  2. hi, did you manage to find her? once it happened to me and my cat was also very skittish, it turned out all the time she was very close to the house and eventually she came in to the neighbors house. skittish cats don't go far. u should ask your neighbors, also take her food bowl and some treats and go out with it around your neighborhood calling her name and shaking the treats in the bowl (a familiar sound for her), look under the cars or in dark small corners, take a moment to sit still so she doesn't scare. my cat miauwed to me, that's how i knew, she hid under a car and even though i looked there few times i didn't spot her earlier.

  3. (my cat run away twice, once she jumped into the neighbors open window and the second time she hid under a car)

  4. Thanks, everyone. We are still looking for her. Putting up posters, searching on foot, putting notices in people's mailboxes. A few possible sightings, but nothing defnite yet. I'll definitely keep you posted!