Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Calling Off The Dogs

It's hard to grill hot dogs in the Czech Republic. They all seem to explode after a minute or two on the barbecue. (See above.)

Hot dogs in the United States don't do that. We wouldn't stand for it! ;-)

Anyone know why they do that here, and if there is a brand that doesn't?

It's also interesting that there is no such thing as a hot dog bun in Prague, either. We're forced to use these long rolls they call rohliky, which are usually kinda tough and stale unless you get them right out of the oven.

Life is hard.


  1. The Billa at Červený vrch sells special packs of German (or possibly Austrian) sausages designed to be grilled. Never had them myself but they look interesting.

  2. Hmmmm... But now I come to think of it, they're not really "hot dogs" per se -- more like klobasas.

  3. You could try to cut them partialy.

    Like this:

  4. Or try making some of these awesome-looking burgers. And invite your colleagues over.

  5. Hot dogs (Parky) are supposed to be boiled or steamed.

    Sausages (Klobása) can be grilled or fried.

    When you ask for or see hot dogs here in Europe you will always be given parky. slicing them will not prevent them turning inside out on a grill or BBQ.

    I find wine sausages work really well with rolls at a BBQ. (and from you blog I know you like a bit of wine :P )

  6. Even when I boil them, they seem to split open. The only kind I've had success with are these little whitish-looking Nuremburg sausages from Germany. They grill quite nicely, but they're not really hot dogs.

    What's a wine sausage??? I'm intrigued!

  7. And does anyone know WHY they split open, when American hot dogs don't?

  8. I think the market here supports hot dogs the European way, vertically, not horizontally. Maybe you need that bun toaster that all the street carts have. P.S. It's good to see Eso is still out there!

  9. Karen, I'm afraid I can't support your enthusiasm for the vertical Euro dog. The meat's usually tasteless, and the bun (rohlik) usually stale and chewy. No way does it compare with a Ballpark Frank in a nice steamed Wonder Bread bun with ketchup, mustard, onions and chili sauce!

  10. Grant,

    In the butchers or most supermarkets you will see them

    vinna klobasa

    They are a long white sausage curled up in to a 'wheel' held in shape by a cocktail stick.

    this will give you a idea of what they look like

  11. Thanks Eamonn, but they are not hot dogs. I'm looking for hot dogs for hot dog buns. The kids like them too. And klobasa and those little wheels you describe just aren't the same. I guess I want a parek but one that doesn't explode. And they don't exist here.

  12. Try buyng debrecinský parky, they've always worked for me, but at a butcher's, buying sausages, hot dogs or, bascially, any kind of meat products at supermarket chains is a waste of money.

    And as for párek v rohlíku... buy one at the stand in Nám. Míru, right at the exit of the Metro station and we'll talk... Get it with kremžská mustard...