Monday, June 21, 2010

Gonna See Kasabian

We're very excited. We're going to get to see one of our favorite bands, Kasabian.

They're one of the headliners at the Open Air Festival on August 14 at Letiště Panenský Týnec, about 50 km north of Prague. From what I gather, it's some old military airport that's been converted into an outdoor concert venue.

I went crazy and bought a VIP ticket but can't seem to find out what that means exactly! Anyone out there know what that entitles us to?!

We're also thinking of camping but also can't find much information about this, either.

Any advice or tips on attending this festival would be appreciated!


  1. It says on the festival web that with the VIP ticket you get
    * special free VIP parking space
    * special VIP corridor, where they change the VIP ticket for VIP identification - probably without queues
    * reserved space in VIP camping place - separated from other camps. It's got better security services and is free of any extra charges.
    * VIP restrooms
    * direct VIP access to the main area of the venue from the camping place (less waiting)
    * access to VIP zone with above standard bar and comfortable sofas

    Enjoy Kasabian!!!

  2. Thank you so much! That's great. I really appreciate it.

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