Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hot Dog!

We had a barbecue recently, and I couldn't resist buying this package of chicken hot dogs for the grill.

They are called Striptyzky.

And yes, each hot dog is encased in a plastic, uh, condom.

On each condom is a drawing of a rather voluptuous woman. The woman in question has one arm wrapped around herself demurely, while the other appears to be slowly pulling her dress up.

Next to the woman, it says, in Czech, "Svlekni me." That translates to, "Undress me."

Which means you've got to peel off the plastic casing before cooking or eating.

First of all, what's with the plastic casings? In the United States, I don't believe I've ever had to peel casings off any hot dogs I've grilled.

Secondly, why don't Czech hot dogs withstand the barbecue? Most every hot dog I've ever tried here basically explodes over an open fire. I've tried every trick to prevent it, but most of them end up looking like the unfortunate victims of a sixth-grade biology class learning about dissection.

Although I must admit that the Striptyzky are the best hot dogs I've yet found here. They didn't explode, and they tasted pretty good.

And there's a half-naked lady on each one.

Interestingly, the label features a pub with a few pints of Guinness featured prominently.


  1. Plastic-wrapped hot dogs are the enemy. If I had bought a Striptyzky dog, maybe the sexy slut would've alerted me to the fact that I'd have to remove the plastic before eating it... I think the plastic is designed to kill Americans used to the bare dogs back home.

    Where did you find these Striptyzky, by the way?

  2. striptease is about undressing, init? ;)

  3. Yeah, I can't figure out the plastic wrap either. Why? Why?? I think the folks at Striptyzky finally figured out a sure-fire way for guys to remember to peel off the stuff before cooking or eating!

    I actually bought this pack at the Hypernova at Sestka, near the airport. But I think I also saw them at the Albert in Nebusice.

  4. I can't answer why they wrap some sausages in plastic that has to be removed (nice way by these ones to remind people of the fact).
    I think that some sausages, specially the kind that will become párek v rohlíku are not meant to be cooked on an open fire, but steamed or boiled.
    There are other kinds that, provided you don't buy them at a supermarket chain, will do just fine on a grill. try debrecinský parky, but buy them at a good butcher's...
    Nice blog BTW...

  5. Hey, Mr. Beer Philosopher,

    Thanks for the compliment. You should know about good blogs. You've got a great one yourself! I'll have to keep an eye out for debrecinsky parky. People keep telling me there's a good butcher shop in Horomerice, which is close to where I live.

  6. Thanks for the compliments!
    I do my shopping for sausages, ham, salamy and the likes at a butches on Dejvická street. They are great, all of the stuff they have is of good quality, they have like a million kinds of sausages, ten kinds of salamy and tonnes more, they moravské maso simply kicks ass. They are open from 7.30AM. Usually I stop on the way home.
    Problem is that you will have to tune up your Czech, but it will be worth it.
    The rule is always, follow the babičky (as long as they arent on their way to Lidl), the bigger the contration of them you see at a shop, the better it will be...

  7. I appreciate the tips, Beer Philosopher. I also plan on checking out this butcher in Horomerice some time. I keep hearing raves about it.

  8. It's not really a hot dog, you know. In several European countries you can find these things, and they are not supposed to be grilled at all. You are supposed to boil them.

  9. Boiling is best, but sometimes you just need to grill. The German sausages are best for that, though.