Tuesday, March 31, 2009

From "Time And The Bottle"

"I’m a little appalled at all the time I’ve lost, but then, wasting time wasn’t exactly an unforeseen side effect; it was part of the fun. Of course it was; if drinking wasn’t so much fun it wouldn’t be such a widespread and terrible problem.

"While responsible people were working their way up their professional ladders, my friends and I were spending whole days eating oysters, drinking pitchers of mimosas and beer, and laughing ’til we wept on decks overlooking the Chesapeake Bay.

"There is really no drinking half as enjoyable as daytime drinking, when the sun is out, the bars are empty of dilettantes, and the afternoon stretches ahead of you like summer vacation. The gleeful complicity you and your drinking buddies share in the excellent decision to have one more ill-advised round, knowing full well you’re forfeiting the day — you can almost physically feel something lifted from you at this moment, even if you know it will fall back more heavily later on. We used to raise a toast: 'Gentlemen — our lives are unbelievably great.' "

-- From "Time And The Bottle" by Tim Kreider on the "Proof" blog at "The New York Times"


  1. Do you read Kreider's The Pain comic?

  2. No, I don't. Should I check it out?

  3. I had to double-check if it was the same Kreider - the blog post that you linked to was quite tame compared to the stuff in his comic.

    And yes, N and I recommend The Pain.