Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Takes A Licking ...

We found this watch among my late father's possessions.

Note the "brand" -- Podelco, the family name. We are not watchmakers by trade.

It's 17 jewels, 14K gold. I've had it cleaned and the mechanism repaired. It works great now.

From what I understand, Sears -- yes, that Sears -- at one time contracted with a Swiss watchmaker to make these, probably in the 1950s but perhaps the '60s.

Does anyone know anything about where this watch came from and what it might be worth, if anything?

An auctioneer, going through my mom's old house, offered my sister $25 on the spot for this watch. She declined.


  1. Grant, you should probably talk it over with the gentlemen at this forum

    Looks like worth more than 25 bucks to me but I'm no expert. Even if it has just a quartz movement it's probably not that common.

  2. Cool. Thanks. I'm not really interested in selling it, but I'd just love to know more about where it came from. And what it's worth, of course.

  3. A couple of Christmas's back, my parents gave my brother and me watches from a local jeweler in Ohio that had been made to order from a watch company in Switzerland. It's a nice watch, but it's not a Patek Phillipe or anything .. simply a better than average watch with an interesting pedigree. Not sure what they paid, but I would imagine on the order of $200-300 or so .. Probably the equivalent of what your father paid in 1950s dollars for his watch. Love the retro style though and wouldn't sell it for that reason alone.